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Hi Frank. I still remember hearing about payola in 1960, and all the pay-offs!
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Payola?I was working at a radio station last year, and believe me, that still goes on allot!
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On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 07:02:39PM -0800, FrankLizarde wrote:
The record companies give them to the radio stations.
If they don't, they just won't get played.
In a way, I think that we should stop playing there music on the podcasts,
so that maybe when they start losing money, they could start to wonder why!

Well, on a more important note, if you don't stop playing such material they will probably come after you and sue you out of existance and take away all your equipment and never allow you to use a computer again!:)

I think a more radical position would be that the industry should be
paying us and radio stations to play their material but then you get
into payola or whatever they called it so forget about it:).

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