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Yes they do.
Any blank recording media that you buy is paying royalties to the R I A A.
All that is utterly dumb!
If they would stop having these giant budgets for there artist's spoiled brattyness, CD prices wouldn't be so high.
That's one of the reasons that people have resorted to pirated music.
I can't say I could blame them all that much!
If some of us could record a CD with about a 1000 dollar budget, why can't they do one with, lets say a 10000, or 20000 dollar budget.
Some times they spend 1000000 dollars or more, and the band or artist isn't worth a dam!
Don't get me started!
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Hi Steve. Agreed! So what happens with the Mosen Explosion podcasts, and we download them from iPodder, or another podcatcher? It would seem a better idea for recording companies to ad a surcharge to blank CD's or any media that you can record on! It sounds like a better idea that the bilge that the RIA occasionally spouts! But I did hear something about the courts not allowing companies to add surcharges to blank CD's or other blank media that we might use! Now I don't have any solution to downloading to a harddrive. Just my thoughts!
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This is really important news! I know some of you may have dropped Adam
Curry's Daily Source code but he makes a *VERY IMPORTANT* announce or
should I say some very revealing comments that could impact all of us as
podcasters.  I suggest all of you take a listen to his show #275; it
came out on  Nov 7th but I just caught up with him this morning.
Apparently, these greedy record companies started threatening him over
the weekend so he is basically curtailing the playing of *ANY* non
podsafe music.  This includes mashups, back tracks podcast samples, "The
Hit Test," etc.  He suggests that all us podcasters be careful out there
and stay away from any RIAA controled music.

It just goes to show, the RIAA and international counterparts will stop
at nothing and thank God, we have an alternative source for fine music.
These RIAA idiots are so stupid! You'd think if a podcaster would play
music on their shows, that it would be free advertising for the artist
and for their greedy shareholders.  Anyway, podcasters, beware.

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