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Well good for you Monty!  I like your thinking.

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I personally believe that a broadcaster or podcaster when casting via the
internet should be able to play whatever he/she desires. The RIAA and
related goons should not be allowed to tell us what we can play or how we
can play it!
As I see it, nothing is being stolen, and to me the only way for us to show
these goons what we think of their crazy tactics of trying to control every
last little thing we do with their content, is to not give in to their
demands. Play the hell out of any music of theirs you want on your podcasts.

I'm a broadcaster over at ACB radio interactive, and I enjoy being part of
such a project. I'm certainly not going to allow them to tell me what I can
play and what I can't. do you realize that if I gave in to their rediculous
demands, I couldn't play 98 percent of the files I have?
In fact, I'm sure if they could they would pass some crazy law saying if my
files were in any NonDRM'd format that it'd be illegal for me to have, even
if I ripped them from my own purchased CD's!
They are getting way out of hand in my view, and if we give in to their
every demand, they'll be getting what they want, and that drives me up the
I'm going to continue to have fun broadcasting on interactive, and I can
only hope that some day the consumer will somehow some way win against the
truly beyond greedy RIAA! 

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