Re: Playing Music on your Podcasts!

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 15:03:12 -0000

Well, the whole thing is fascinating to me.  What I don't think the
recording industry has really come to terms with is the fact that the
general cost of distribution of recorded music has come down tremendously,
not to mention the fact of the various ways of distrtibuting it, and the
industry seems to keep their means of distribution, namely the cd,
artificially high.  I can understand in a way them going after someone who
plays only commercial, wellknown music which can be heard on any top 40
station or whatever, but another thing they forget is that with a wider
distribution of all sorts of music, it opens people's minds up to music they
may not normally listen to, and thus provides an advertising medium for the

However, I'm rather afraid that the digital medium may be it's own downfall
in that it's very easy to disallow people from listening to your station
without paying a subscription, which is the way I rather think things might
go.  However, keeping it on topic, I think they're being extremely
petti-minded if they go after people for mashups or contests where bits of
tracks are played.

Mind you I heard an interesting one this morning from a friend of mine, who
was putting on a play and wanted to use a Nowel Coward song.  What in fact
she was told was that she could not use the song, but could use the words if
she composed a different tune - now how stupid can you get?


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