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Hi Jonathan

No, I didn't say almost in hand giving the assumption that it's almost all
sorted.  They are looking into it - take that how you like.  I love the idea
of the pound in the jar though for podcasting.  That's neat and would
probably make an interesting test case.


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Chrissie, lol, ACB has been claiming to have had the licensing issues almost
in hand for five years!

The one thing that is also worth noting, is that while there is actually a
mechanism for legalising a stream, there is no mechanism at all for doing so
with a podcast. So with streaming, we have the choice as to whether we go
through the hoops or not, while with Podcasting, we're being given no means
to make things legal.

Richard Vobes, a brilliant British podcaster, came up with his own way
around this, and that was to put a pound in a jar for every show where he
uses commercial music. In this way, if the authorities ever come after him,
he can say that he has sought to recompense copyright holders for the use of
their work but hasn't been provided with the means to do so. He would then
happily hand over the contents of his money jar. Rather cool I thought.

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Oh dear, what a can of worms has been opened with this.  I can well see that
artists should get paid for what they do, that's only fair, however, I
wonder how much money that the RIAA collect actually goes to any of the
artists at all, rather than their administrator/bean counters?  I wouldn't
mind betting more than actually any artists see.  Where will it end.  Will a
person caught whistling a tune on the street be had up for copyright
infringement - okay that's tongue in cheek but even so...  Btw, as far as
ACB Radio Interactive is concerned, I believe this whole thing is in the
process of being dealt with by ACB itself.  I'd like to hope that the RIAA's
aim is not to shut people down by making things so prohibitively expensive
that no one can do anything but, I guess when you're in an industry that's
changing as rapidly as the music industry is, you're going to try and hold
on to what you know for as long as you can and also grab as much as you can
out of it.  It does seem though that the whole thing of copyright needs
updating worldwide.

Just my two cents worth.


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> I personally believe that a broadcaster or podcaster when casting via
> the internet should be able to play whatever he/she desires. The RIAA
> and related goons should not be allowed to tell us what we can play or
> how we can play it! As I see it, nothing is being stolen, and to me
> the only way for us to
> these goons what we think of their crazy tactics of trying to control
> last little thing we do with their content, is to not give in to their
> demands. Play the hell out of any music of theirs you want on your
> I'm a broadcaster over at ACB radio interactive, and I enjoy being
> part of such a project. I'm certainly not going to allow them to tell
> me what I
> play and what I can't. do you realize that if I gave in to their
> demands, I couldn't play 98 percent of the files I have?
> In fact, I'm sure if they could they would pass some crazy law saying
> if
> files were in any NonDRM'd format that it'd be illegal for me to have,
> if I ripped them from my own purchased CD's!
> They are getting way out of hand in my view, and if we give in to
> their every demand, they'll be getting what they want, and that drives
> me up the wall! I'm going to continue to have fun broadcasting on
> interactive, and I can only hope that some day the consumer will
> somehow some way win against the truly beyond greedy RIAA!
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