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Well anyone who knows of sites that have available music where people don't
mind sharing, I'd love to know about.

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Well, there is one way around this whole thing. you could either play music
made by a personal friend that you know for a fact is ok to play, take Andre
Louis for example? He offers up a lot of his music for free download. 
In fact I've heard it played on Shane Jackson's podcasts and was pleased to
see it getting more exposure. Either that, or the other way around this
whole issue is to just do a talk based podcast and skip the whole music
thing altogether. That way the RIAA or whatever equivilant can't sue you
because technically you haven't broken any copyrights. Unless using your own
voice is? Hell, maybe they'll try to sue you for the amount of words you
used during a particular podcast, or convince the government to tax the air
you used to breathe while you recorded. Man, this is starting to sound like
lyrics to Taxman by the Beatles, which Ironically you can't play on a
podcast! hahahah.

At 08:56 PM 11/9/2005, you wrote:
>Well I just don't get it.  It would seem that if one is talking through 
>a bit of music and it's not the whole song anyway, what's the big deal?  
>Guess I just need to sit at my keyboard and write some.
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>I always wondered where stations ended up getting all this music from 
>anyways? Some switch formats every year or so, and one would think 
>ripping disks, even when they obtain them from or wherever 
>would be a task that would still be in progress. Are computer CD-Rom 
>changers out there that just rip one after another, or is CD ripping a 
>profession one could get into to make a little side cash, heh?
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> > Well damn!  I wish I could figure out  I want good, 
> > easy to access music and I like it in several places in podcasts.
> >
> >
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> > When I buy blank CD's, I make sure *NOT* to buy "music CD's." I 
> > stick exclusively to data type CD's.  I was told the music CD's 
> > collect the extra premium for the greedy RIAA thugs over there.
> >
> > I'm sure Adam is being extremely causes now.  After all, it was his 
> > phone and his e-mail that was being targetted by these worthless 
> > entities and they apparently have enough clout to do some real 
> > damage.
> > So he is "back lashing" away from RIAA and similar interests.
> > On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 11:37:05AM -0800, FrankLizarde wrote:
> >> Yes they do.
> >> Any blank recording media that you buy is paying royalties to the R 
> >> I A A.
> >> All that is utterly dumb!
> >> If they would stop having these giant budgets for there artist's 
> >> spoiled brattyness, CD prices wouldn't be so high.
> >> That's one of the reasons that people have resorted to pirated music.
> >> I can't say I could blame them all that much!
> >> If some of us could record a CD with about a 1000 dollar budget, 
> >> why can't they do one with, lets say a 10000, or 20000 dollar budget.
> >> Some times they spend 1000000 dollars or more, and the band or 
> >> artist isn't worth a dam!
> >> Don't get me started!
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