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The record companies give them to the radio stations.
If they don't, they just won't get played.
In a way, I think that we should stop playing there music on the podcasts, so that maybe when they start losing money, they could start to wonder why!
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I always wondered where stations ended up getting all this music from anyways? Some switch formats every year or so, and one would think ripping disks, even when they obtain them from or wherever would be a task that would still be in progress. Are computer CD-Rom changers out there that just rip one after another, or is CD ripping a profession one could get into to make a little side cash, heh?

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Well damn! I wish I could figure out I want good, easy to
access music and I like it in several places in podcasts.

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When I buy blank CD's, I make sure *NOT* to buy "music CD's." I stick
exclusively to data type CD's. I was told the music CD's collect the extra
premium for the greedy RIAA thugs over there.

I'm sure Adam is being extremely causes now. After all, it was his phone
and his e-mail that was being targetted by these worthless entities and they
apparently have enough clout to do some real damage.
So he is "back lashing" away from RIAA and similar interests.
On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 11:37:05AM -0800, FrankLizarde wrote:
Yes they do.
Any blank recording media that you buy is paying royalties to the R I A A.
All that is utterly dumb!
If they would stop having these giant budgets for there artist's
spoiled brattyness, CD prices wouldn't be so high.
That's one of the reasons that people have resorted to pirated music.
I can't say I could blame them all that much!
If some of us could record a CD with about a 1000 dollar budget, why
can't they do one with, lets say a 10000, or 20000 dollar budget.
Some times they spend 1000000 dollars or more, and the band or artist
isn't worth a dam!
Don't get me started!

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