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Let's change the subject on this folks...

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On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 11:56:22AM -0600, Chris Skarstad wrote:
> Hi Darrel
> problem with pmn? then stop bugging Jerry and take it up with c.c. 
> Chapman and work with him to make PMN accessible! It's all in the way 
> you're going

Speaking of this, Recall Adam Curry's "promise" given at the Expo?  Has
anything happened in this area yet? Darrel, have they given you any bug
reporting access yet? I wonder if it was "lip service" after all.  Yeah, I
can fiddle about the current implementation of PMN but vast improvements are
appropriate.  Once the folks at Podshow open the doors for you to give
internal feedback, then we can do constructive things to make PMN better.

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