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  • Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 16:41:47 -0500

Hi all,
Your brother in Christ here to sadly report that there won't be any Sharing 
God's Word Podcasts for now. Julie has gotten her laptop back praise God. 
Now the issue is the Braille Lite M 40. As some of you know, the BL 40 took 
a bad fall 2 weeks ago. Now some of the right most cells don't work like 
they should anymore. We really need your prayers in this matter. We can not 
afford a $5000 dollar note taker or Braille display to read the Word. We 
also don't have room for a Braille copy of it. This also affects Julie's 
note taking during church service. Their will be more info about all this 
and more in our next audio recording of Sharing God's Word. We will probably 
put it up tonight Saturday or tomorrow. Again, we really need your prayers 
in this matter. Remember as we say in the casts that God loves you, Julie 
and I love you as your brother and sister in Christ, and we should all love 
one another. Your brother in Christ,
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