Re: Next step after Feed Burner?

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  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 14:31:18 -0600

what kinda feed would ya wanna create for a podcast feed so taht feed burner will recognize it? thanks.

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After you sign up for an account, enter the URL of your blog/podcast.
It looks like this could be your Earthlink site.  If the feed works,
feedburner will give you a new URL, something like and you're good to go.  You will have to
check some options so feedburner can create exactly the kind of feed you
want, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 etc.

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blindsite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 12/01/05 03:11PM >>>
Dear List:
After I sign up for Feed Burner how do I link my audio blog to Feed
Burner?  Or , how does this work?
Thanks for your help,
One Dumb Guy for sure.

Chuck Ayers
Tulsa, Ok. USA
Voice Mail: 1 918 260 4729

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