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Monday, June 19, 2006

For Immediate Release

DisabilityNation Web Site and Podcast Now Available

Contact: Larry Wanger DisabilityNation 206-338-6225

Phoenix Arizona-Persons with disabilities, family members, friends and the general public now have another resource for information, news and feature rich content about disability and the people effected by it. With the official launch of " and the DisabilityNation Podcast, the nation and others around the world now have an unique opportunity to learn more about life and disability.

Larry Wanger, creator and producer of DisabilityNation says, “The goal of the site and Podcast is to promote people with disabilities living life to the fullest and to dispel many of the stereotypes and beliefs that are widely held by people today.” “DisabilityNation is a podcast by and for people with disabilities.”

The content of the site and Podcast are designed to be cross- disability related and meant to be both educational and encouraging to anyone with a disability. Content is geared toward multiple audiences including persons with disabilities, their family members, friends and the general public. Upcoming show topics include mental health advocacy and parity issues, an interview with the founder and editor of Mouth Magazine, interviews with athletes who have disabilities and many others.

The show features new episodes nearly every week and will be available via popular channels including the iTunes Music Store and Podcasts. Interested persons can directly download the Podcast from http://www.DisabilityNation.nett or get the show feed from"

About DisabilityNation

DisabilityNation is a Podcast by and for persons with disabilities. Too often we hear about the legal, physical or attitudinal barriers facing persons with disabilities in our society today. Unfortunately, not enough attention is focused on those with disabilities living life. The goal of DisabilityNation is to be different than normal and to give you, the listener, the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of hearing the program.

DisabilityNation will highlight people working, participating in the sport or recreation of their choice, married couples, singles, children and adults, politicians and couch potatoes who happen to be people with disabilities. You will hear conversations about life, not necessarily about the disability.

About Larry Wanger

DisabilityNation is produced in the Valley of the Sun, otherwise known as Phoenix Arizona. The show is produced by Larry Wanger. Larry moved to Phoenix in October 2004 after living for over 33 years in Michigan. As a person with a life-long disability, Larry is very familiar with some of the stereotypes and beliefs that some have about persons with disabilities. He believes that having a disability is simply part of his life and something that isn't the end of the world.

Larry has devoted his career and professional life to helping others with disabilities to increase their independence. He began his career with Disability Advocates of Kent County, the center for independent living in Grand Rapids Michigan. He worked in the areas of employment, business development, and community organizing, individual
and systems advocacy, grant writing, reporting and management with the organization. Larry worked with DAKC for six years. In October of 2004 Larry moved to Phoenix and began working with The Arizona Bridge to Independent Living. He is currently the Operations Manager of ABIL's employment services unit.

About Podcasting

A podcast is an audio file in MP3 format that can be subscribed to and is automatically delivered to your computer. With podcasts you can choose to listen on your computer or on an audio player such as the iPod. Often podcasters offer different options in that you can either stream the file or listen to it from the web site directly or you can download the show.

Don't be fooled by the "pod" in podcast, you don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts. Any MP3 player that you normally use will play podcasts. Additionally, you can listen on your computer by using software such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and iTunes.

If you want to listen to or subscribe to podcasts, the first thing to get is a media aggregator. This is a small piece of software that downloads any Podcast feeds that you subscribe to. There are many programs available for subscribing to podcasts.

After downloading the software just add the XML file address for the podcast you want to listen to then click the appropriate button to download the current show. When you want to download new shows, click the button in your chosen aggregator and the software checks to see if any new shows have been added and if so, the shows are automatically downloaded to your computer. Often, the software knows to check for downloads and you never need to manually tell it to do anything.

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