RE: New software for files conversions coming soon

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Yep, we would have to hold off cause the name hasn't even been given out yet?

At 05:14 PM 6/5/2006, you wrote:
Some major work is being done with this software, which is actually
released, but hold off a day or so.  More accessibility is being added.

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Sounds good.  Let us know more when you can.

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>I am helping a software company with a new product that will
>allow you to convert many types of audio and video files to
>another format of your choice. The software is in alpha phase.
>The main interface and dialog screens are very accessible with
>JAWS 7. I cannot give out the name yet. It allows you to convert
>your .mp3 podcast file or files to another format like .wma and
>so on. Can convert your files to .ogg. Very fast conversions and
>easy interface.
>Many file formats are supported.
>Installation of software is very accessible.
>Stay tuned!

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