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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 01:46:56 -0500

Thanks for that! Maybe I'll have to try it! I had problems before when I tried the new version. When I did that, I tried to use the alt c, like I usually do with Jaws. I wasn't presented with the list of contacts, like I did before. I tried to call someone on Skype that I knew, but got someone else instead. I became so frustrated that I reinstalled the earlier version from jfwlite. It seems like the latest build that was accessible with Jaws was last February. But maybe I'll have to try your suggestion, if I install the new version!
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The new skype is accessible, if you go to and click on programs and go the link that says something about skype. You want to download the beta scripts. Follow the instructions for compiling the scripts, since they come as source.

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Hi Rusty. I've gotten those also, but I haven't done anything about em! ----- Original Message ----- From: <rusty.perez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: New skype

Hi folks,
I've gotten a couple of update notices about a new Skype.
Has any one tried it? Is it any more accessible?
I've thought about going to an older version with the accessible contacts
list. Does this one have an accessible contacts list?


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