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  • From: "John Moore" <coasterfreak88@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 14:47:15 -0500

Hey all. New on John Moore's Audio Blog is a podcast of a Low Mass at
Trinoty Cathedral this morning. This was a very interesting service.
The power was out through most of it, so it was done by candlelight. I
was the only one with a prayer book to actually read, and it seemed
like everyone was trying to follow me. Fr. Jackson also screwed up a
few times, which was hilarious. Expect a couple of more podcasts this
week. One from the Dixie Cafe on Tuesday, Lucky's Karaoke Bar on
Friday, and my final Mass next Sunday, where I will be confirmed. That
will be a Broad Mass recording. To listen to the file, go to To subscribe, the feed is I apologize that the
other two recording were not up. They honored the graduating seniors
and the children't choir sang, and I tried to get a recording. One
thing I have discovered about the H2. If you drop it, it stops. That
seems to be what's been happening. It's been falling off the rail a
lot, and I can't hold it. I think that that's why it doesn't record
certain things. It started recording stufff, then when it dropped, it
stopped, and all I got was an alias. Hopefull these next three will
turn out. Enjoy, and send me your feedback. Thanks for listening.

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