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  • Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 16:54:31 -0500

Hey all. After a two-year hyatus, I"m getting back into podcasting. I
finally got a perfect field recorder, the Zoom H2. This podcast is of
a hayride that we went on at Heifer Ranch, about forty-five minutes
out of Little Rock.This was not done in surround-sound. Only the two
rear mikes were on, so the recording is set at 120 degrees X/Y. This
means that it is like a half circle. I didn't want to do surround for
this one, as this was a hayride, and I didn't want the tractor to be
picked up. It got picked up, but because only the rear mikes were on,
I faced the tour guide holding them and you can barely hear it. Also,
I adjusted the sensitivity levels throughout the recording. There are
going to be parts you will not hear well. This was an experiment to
see what would get picked up. I won't do that again. The next podcast
will be from Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Little Rock, to
be uploaded next Sunday. To listen to the file, go to The file will begin to play
automatically. There is a download link on that page as well, where
you can download it.  If you want to subscribe to my feed, the URL is

John Moore

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