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  • Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 01:39:17 -0500

Hey all. I have updated my podcast. The current edition of John
Moore's Audio Blog talks about a documentary filmed at the Texas
School for the Blind that I saw the trailer for. I comment on how I
feel about the project and I explain why I am going to nominate the
filmmakers for an AFB award. The podcast for September 3 will be an
interesting one. I will talk about the education of blind children. I
will talk about how I feel about how blind children in regards to how
teachers treat them, using role models from my own school life as
examples. September 4 will be a very, very controversial podcast for a
lot of people. I will talk about schools for the blind and why I think
they do not work and why they are not good in educating blind
children. It will raise a lot of eyebrows and I will probably get
hounded by a lot of people. However, I need to get this off my chest.
I have been thinking about this since graduating from TSB and I feel
it is time I talked about it. To subscribe to my podcast, put the
following URL into your podcasting client:

Or, if you just want to check out the podcast main page and download
individual files, go to:

Enjoy the podcasts.

John Moore

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