Re: New podcast concerning the new talking iPod Nano.

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I've got a tech podcast as well that could be interested. While I haven't listened to it yet, that is a definite shift in my podcast. I'll see about getting it tonight to listen to. We'll definitely link your site in the show notes.

Jared Rimer
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Hi Shane

Would you object if we ran this on ACB Radio Mainstream's Main Menu show?

Chrissie Cochrane
Managing Director, ACB Radio

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Subject: New podcast concerning the new talking iPod Nano.

Hello, all. I am cross-posting this to several lists, as the content of this podcast concerns all who are interested in this unique little device. I take you on a tour and a demo of the new, and I mean brand new, talking iPod Nano 4th generation. I also demonstrate some features of Itunes with the Mac and the iPod. Sorry, Windows users, I do not know how to use Itunes under your operating system, so I trust someone will do a fine Windows podcast very soon concerning this very subject. If you want the direct file, it is and the link for the podcast subscription is . I look forward to doing more like this in the future, and I hope this proves helpful to those of you who either have one of these or want one. Thanks!
Shane Jackson
Vestavia Hills, Alabama, USA.
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