RE: New iPodder and Password Protected Podcasts

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  • Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 14:50:25 -0700

I don't know if it will work, try it, it should. 

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I have not downloaded the new iPodder yet but am interested in
knowing if the password protected podcasts feature is accessible
with a screen reader. I have JAWS 6 and soon JAWS 7.0 as soon as
I get the CD.

I am a subscriber to the Coast to Coast AM - Art Bell - and to
download the shows you pay a few bucks for the archives but they
also offer the archived shows as podcasts but they ask you to
install a podcatcher of their own and I do not want to do this.
So will the new iPodder do it for me. I would enter the feed
address and my user ID and password I have with Coast to Coast
AM membership.

Thank you.

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