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Hi. You'll find the rss link near the top of the page, it's the third link down. You'll know it's the rss link, because it says RSS on it, strangely enough.

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i can't find the rss feed on the site... what is it? thanks.
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I am very pleased to let you all know about a wonderful collaborative Christmas project (wait, another one?) produced by members of the podcast community. A Podcast Christmas Carol is a podcast-themed retelling of Dickens' classic story, featuring more than 30 podcasters. I was honored to serve as an associate producer and writer on the project.

 You'll recognize a few other names in the cast, but I'll let you discover them 
on your own when you go to From there, 
you can find the show's RSS feed and Podcast Pickle page, where you'll find a 
promo for the show. The promo is also available from my site; A Podcast Christmas Carol will be available 
Thursday, December 22. The promo is up now. We would loveit if you would play 
the promo on your shows.

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