RE: New Client was RE: My Feeds Are Screwed Up in PodNova

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It works, they are getting ahmmered, retry it a few times, it will

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        Check to see you can log in as well.  I can't even log in to the web
interface, I ge http errors or the username and password are incorrect.

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Hi Jared and All,
    Yes, there is a new client available, and I'm personally not impressed
with it. The Juice-style system is gone, and the window now shows three
buttons: PodNova Website, Download, and Settings. So it looks like you have
to go to their website to do anything as far as adding or removing feeds is
concerned. If you do get the client, make sure you check the "Use Screen
reader-friendly GUI" option when setting up the program, otherwise you'll
just get unlabeled buttons.

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