NPR Doubles Its Podcasts

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NPR Doubles Its Podcasts
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Alex Williams
Now, who wants to be a news leader in the podcasting space? Looks like
is going for the gold medal, with the introduction of 16 new podcasts,
bringing its
total to 33.
A few matters of interest:
* NPR is doing its own original podcast programming under its new,
"alt.NPR," brand.
This is a step up in the big media world as most have chosen to simply
existing shows they have run on radio or TV.
* NPR is mining their vast archives. Expect to see more media networks find
ways to use podcasting as a means to surface and get some added value from
* NPR is combing its broad programming to create theme based podcasts. This
is a
repurposing strategy that leverages NPR's shows to create new programs that
fit into
categories. For instance, NPR will inroduce thematic podcasts focusing on
food, pop culture, religion, business story of the day and Sports with
Frank Deford.
* Topical podcasts are also part of the mix, allowing NPR to provide timely
such as those that will be featured during the holidays or an important
event, such
as the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito.
The orignal podcasts include:
Three original-to-podcasting titles, under a new alt.NPR brand name: "On
with Mike Pesca," a weekly examination of gaming culture, trends and
psychology from
the NPR News reporter; Groove Salad?s "Taste of the Week," a selection of
music from
San Francisco?s eclectic online music service SomaFM, and "Youthcast,"
public radio
productions from up-and-coming young producers from PRX/Public Radio
Archived podcasts:
Also among the new offerings are three entries from NPR member stations and
program producers WAMU and KCRW: the full download of the new NPR series
"The Business"
about the entertainment industry from KCRW Santa Monica, and WAMU
Washington D.C.?s
"Friday News Roundup" from "The Diane Rehm Show" and "Tech Tuesday" from
"The Kojo
Nnamdi Show."
Topical podcasts:
Finally, NPR will introduce topical podcasts. Its upcoming "Holiday Story
of the
Day" will be available starting November 21 and continue through January 6,
Also, in January, NPR will offer nightly podcasts of its one-hour broadcast
program of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito. These
will build
on NPR?s commitment to public service and the success it experienced with
nightly podcasts for the John Roberts confirmation hearings, which
immediately broke
into iTunes? Top 100 and remained there through their run. The Alito
podcasts will
be available nightly at 11PM (ET).

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