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Thats what I ended up doing, installed Word Press, which I used before on the other blog. BTW, the wp-rss2.php feed no longer works, you'll need to use slash feed to get RSS. Still need to upgrade to 2.6, but got 2.5x installed at at this time and thats what I'll use. Fantastico broke my installation of b2 and never got it to work. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Steve Holmes" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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I used to use B2 Evolution but when I did, I got contacted by my sys
admin at Ultra Host telling me that a bunch of resources were being
gobled up.  I shortly later gave up on B2 Evolution and switched to
Word Press.  I never heard from him concerning any resource gobling
and I think it was even easier to manage.  There were both offerred
through the Fantastico structure but I'm thinking of going it native
with Word Press shortly so I can install a later version.  So if you
can't get B2 to work, try using Word Press.  I like what I've done
with WP so far and I have heard generally good things about Word

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 09:43:10AM -0700, Jennifer Sutton wrote:

I'd suggest that you subscribe to the blind programming list where you're
liable to find more SQL gurus.

List-subscribe: <programmingblind-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?Subject=subscribe>

At 08:22 AM 7/16/2008 -0700, you wrote:
        To add to this, I even created a database by name like the
instructions say
with no users, and it asks for a username and password but it says it can't
find access to the database, so what do I do here?

Jared Rimer
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        I'm trying to install b2evolution.  The installers I have access
to break
it, so I'm trying to give it a go by hand.  I assign a user to the
b2evolution database, with nothing checked. However, no natter what I do,
the thing will not install.  Am I missing something?

Jared Rimer
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