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Hi Steve! I think this podcasting stuff is great! It gives people a chance to do reviews on products, and give a particular point of view, if they wish! I've downloaded a lot of podcasts since I've used iPodder and Juice, but I guess I'm probably going to have to get some CDRW's to burn these onto, then I can listen and erase, and make room for others!
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I know you brought up this situation a while ago too.  I'm probably one
of those many guilty ones who listen to nearly everything but never
respond with any feedback.  Even if I were to offer much feedback, I
would never do it after every single episode of a program.  I would
probably only offer feedback if something really popped out at me and
made me jump "up and down" or something like that.  I think you should
try and rely on your download stats to see how many people are actually
getting to your shows.  Of course, we never know how many of those
downloads are actually listened to, do we:).  I'm sure that feed back
makes a podcaster feel good and all that but I figure that one might get
one response out of every hundred listeners.  As a side note, I even got
a response from the band I played recently with my podcast.  I reported
the spin on the podsafe music network like we're supposed to and I got a
blog comment from the artest thanking me for playing it; that was pretty

Scott, you're reviews are always fun to listen to.  I recall the several
you did for Main Menu several years ago.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 07:07:26PM +1100, Scott Rutkowski wrote:
Hi Rick.

Thanks for the reply and feedback.

I'll not be hanging up the headset now because people are actually
listening and learning so the podcasts will continue for a long long time.

long live the wormcast.

Also please check out my friend's podcast the ozcast over at

very informative and Adam who runs this fine podcast is a gentleman and
he'd also appreciate feedback on his fine efforts.

Thanks all.

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>I listened to your MSP demo and thought it was great and very >informative.
>Well done. Since the hurricane buzzed our neck of the woods here, I >have
>build up of over 130 podcasts to wade through, but I did listen to yours
>from beginning to end...
>--Best regards,
>--Rick Alfaro
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>Subject: My Mobile speak pocket ppc demo
>HI all.
>I'm curious and am wondering why no one on this list seems to be
>in my last update to my podcast?
>I thought with the excitement of having access to pocket pc devices and
>like that everyone would be keen as to listen to the demo I produced.
>Is there something you need to be doing to be noticed in the podcast
>community or what?
>I've noticed as of late if your not well known you don't even get a look
>I appreciate there's over 10000 podcasts and everyone is busy and has
>issues to attend too.
>I'm just amazed that no one seems to be enjoying any podcasts from
>australia and seriously i've only had around 4 responses to my previous
>I'm seriously considering hanging up the headset at the end of the year >if
>no one seems interested in the work I put in to my podcast.
>Please reply offlist to
>Sorry if this email sounds harsh or the wrong impression has been >recieved
>from this email.
>Hopefully things will pickup now and more podcasts will appear from me.
>Thanks for your time.

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