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        I understodd there was going to be a new client.  Wonder if there is 

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    I noticed that PodNova launched their new site today, so I thought I'd
now be able to remove some podcasts from their client, which I haven't been
able to do for the last week or so. However, each time I tried deleting a
feed, I would get a message from the client saying it had problems logging
in or something to that effect. So I went to Account Settings and entered
my password again. It seemed to work, but now my feeds are all screwed up!
For instance, I'll see something like "Feed 201" followed by the address.
When I down arrow to the next item in the list, I see the real name of the
feed I was on, complete with %20 marks in place of spaces, and saying
"Newly subscribed". Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Yours Sincerely,
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