RE: My Apologies, to the list!

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He's gone already. 

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You don't need to leave the list!  All you need to do is just learn by
listening.  I learned by just trying things with my computer.  That's what
helps you grow through the process!
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> Listters, especially Darrell Shandro,
> My most humble apologies, for the sarcastic thread, of a couple of 
> days ago.
> It was uncalled for and I need to get a grip on myself, so as not to 
> utter such B.S., in the future.  Darrell, I owe you an apology, for 
> making you the brunt of the thread, as well!  Good luck to you and may 
> your job search be all that you want it to be!  As for me, I am gone, 
> history!  That should make some of you happy and some of you will say 
> good riddance!  I still don't know what possessed me to rant, in the 
> way that I did; it certainly won't happen again, I assure all of you!
> Regards, and Goodbye,
> Mac Norins

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