Re: My Apologies, to the list!

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 02:41:16 -0500

You don't need to leave the list! All you need to do is just learn by listening. I learned by just trying things with my computer. That's what helps you grow through the process!
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Subject: My Apologies, to the list!

Listters, especially Darrell Shandro,

My most humble apologies, for the sarcastic thread, of a couple of days ago.
It was uncalled for and I need to get a grip on myself, so as not to utter
such B.S., in the future. Darrell, I owe you an apology, for making you the
brunt of the thread, as well! Good luck to you and may your job search be
all that you want it to be! As for me, I am gone, history! That should
make some of you happy and some of you will say good riddance! I still
don't know what possessed me to rant, in the way that I did; it certainly
won't happen again, I assure all of you!

Regards, and Goodbye,

Mac Norins

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