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Thank you so much, Michael.


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well, I dont know if I told you this before, but I have used:
and my old blog is at
so you can see what type of format it is. for some reason, I switched to
and as my sig tells everyone, you can see my newest blog at

now about media hosting, I use
I think they do a rather good job, and the software that you use to upload
your podcasts, because most of them are larger then 10 mb's, is very
accessible with jaws 6.2 Now, I am not sure what program you are using, but
trust me, it should be accessible.
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~_call me at 206-208-4772
~_and subscribe to my podcast at
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of adult swim at the following link:
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> Hello Everyone,
> This list seems kind of quiet.  Are there other lists for blind/low-vision
> pod casters?
> I would appreciate it a great deal if some of you will tell me what site
> use for your blogs and what site you use for hosting your podcasts and
> screen-readers you use.
> I took a look at LibSyn.  I'm just trying to get a feel for what's out
> and what people are using.
> Thanks,
> M*rk

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