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  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 04:54:36 -0400

Jeff, I hope you aren't too sad and hurt. I think you have done a wonderful job and there are those who would find fault with anything, and they are the ones who never usually lead anything. I have found in my radio career that when I started working for mainly blind folks on a reading service, those listeners were the most demanding, complaining, difficult expecting, listeners I ever worked for. From a listener standpoint, I have always found a commercial radio audience more appreciative and maybe less demanding. Maybe that's because they usually worked and had a life where a lot of my particular audience did not.

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Subject: Moderation issues resolved

Hello Everyone,

Let me first start by saying that because I have not been posting doesn't
mean I am not working on this issue. I have just spent the last 2.5 hours
doing research on this problem and frankly could have been doing a lot more
things with my time then worrying about this list due to our friend. In
addition, me posting about it just eggs him on. What do you want me to do,
say, "I know, I am working on it"?

I do believe that the flags are now configured such that we should be OK,
but I thought that before.  We will see.

If anyone wants to take the list and thinks they can do it better, then by
all means you can have it.

Jeff Bishop
A very sad and hurt list owner

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