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Hi all,

I too am an Eloquence user on my PC.  I don't havve any problems using Fonix, 
but boy I do HATE it.  None of the female voices are even tollerable.  Paul is 
the best of the lot, and I find the voice quality extremely annoying.  I like 
the voice quality of Loquendo susan, but find Loquendo to be less responsive, 
and the speech less clear,  I too would prefer Eloquence, if it's ever an 

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>Hi.  I use fonex, and also use elequence with Jaws.  I don't have a
>problem with either.  Before buying my copy of MSS for my O2 graphite, I
>was using fonix on a phone based newspaper reading service, so I find it
>quite acceptable.  I must say that I have fonex set at a lower pitch
>than what it is on my phone.  I would like the option of having
>elequence on my phone also.  
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>I have been showing my 8525 to various blind people since I'm a new MSP
>user and am anxious to let people know how usable and intuitive Code
>Factory has made these devices.  Veteran synthesized speech users as
>well as newbies agree that the speech makes MSP a less than appealing
>solution.  In fact, many seem to become completely disinterested in all
>the rest of the demonstration after they hear the Fonix speech.  It
>seems that everybody wants Eloquence.  I truly believe Code Factory
>could sell significantly more copies of MSP if Eloquence was available.
>I have tried to condition myself to Fonix but I have to admit that it is
>still difficult for me after a month and a half of use.  I'm not very
>productive with it.  I will live with it because I have to do so.  I
>generally use arate of 19.  I frequently have to go back and review
>words I did not understand.  I use eloquence at a much faster rate (75
>percent of maximum with JAWS for example) and do not have any problem
>reading at that rate.
>I have seen arguments on this list about the responsiveness of Fonix.  I
>support those who contend that it is not very responsive.  It is
>difficult to provide support for that argument since there are many
>factors to consider including the device and the screen reader.  How are
>we to know how responsive Eloquence would be with MSP if we haven't used
>it?  I don't know how to qualify it except to say I suspect it would be
>I didn't listen to the entire podcast but skimmed through it and wanted
>to let you know that the keys above the QWERTY keyboard are the left and
>right soft keys in case you want to use them in the future.  I was
>forced to do  so a couple of weeks ago when the front keyboard on my
>8525 stopped working.  I have since received a replacement and it is
>working fine.  I have continued the habit of using the soft keys on the
>QWERTY keyboard when it is open.  For a long time I did not realize that
>those keys were actually keys.  I thought they were part of the
>communication that must occur to let the device know when the keyboard
>is opened and closed.  They are a little awkward to press at first but
>they work very well.
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