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  • From: "Michael Gorman" <mpgorman2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 17:54:24 -0800

Hi all

    Well I am going to try again to do podcasting and hopefully with your help 
they will be successful.  I will explain what they are and you decide to listen 
and be a part of both podcasts.

    The first one is called Montage, if any of you in the 70s and early 80s 
were into the telephone entertainment lines of tat time, then you might 
remember one I did called Montage.  It was a Telephone Line where you could 
leave comments on anything that interested you.  I started it in 1979 and 
finally gave it up in 1984.  It was more of lack of interest.  Well I have 
decided to try it again as a podcast.  So instead of telling you all hear what 
it was about go to my first podcast which explains it all and in the next 
podcast I plan to do it will have one of the old tapes and an explanation on 
how we can get it started.

    The other one is called Mikes Mess freestyle, nothing fancy, just me 
talking about things that is on my mind and things I am doing (or not doing.)  
It will not have many episodes, but if you want to hear me get things off my 
chest please do.  

    Both these podcasts are on the gcast service, I seem to like it as it is 
free and easy to do.  If it ends up not working for me I will try other places, 
I did do it with libsyn but decided to give this a try.  If you wish to hear 
these 2 podcassts you can hear them directly on the 2 web pages or put the 
podcast url in your podcasting client.  So give them a listen and write me what 
you think.  I will give more information on he podcasts as time goes by.  So 
now here is how to hear them

Mikes Mess Freestyle

Web Page


Podcast client



Web Page


Podcast Client


    Oh before I forget, when you go to the web pages it plays the current 
episode automatically.  Also the Mikes Mess freestyle has 4 episodes as I was 
doing it for a test.  Check them out if you wish

    So check them out and give the info to friends.  With your help I will try 
to make this a better podcast as time goes by.  

bye for now

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