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  • Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 10:44:39 -0700

Hey, let's try changing the subject and if possible, start a different
thread when posting about something else.  I changed the subject line
for that reason.

I like a program called foobar2000.  I did a little tweaking with
Window-Eyes set files but the latest beta version I'm using works well
with speech.  I can navigate playlists, switch between several currently
loaded playlists and navigate the album library.  I really like the
program.  The menu bar is a bit funky but usable.

On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 05:14:09PM -0700, Gordon Fuller wrote:
> Hey Gang,
> Can anyone tell me if you know of any accessible media players suitable for
> a vision-impaired person?
> Aside from 'Real Alternative's 'Media Player Classic' (great alternative in
> place of completely terrible Real Networks' 'RealOne'), I am unable to use
> most of these applications.
> What I find is that the user interface fails to support the Windows
> 'Accessibility Settings' and screen readers (ZoomText v7). I get white
> screens with little light blue letters -- a freakin' eye test!
> I've been getting by with an open source all-in-one media player application
> from 'Participatory Culture Foundation' called 'Democracy Player'. It
> supports my color schemes but, the fonts on menus and controls are too small
> and their is no support for screen readers.
> I've pointed them toward the IBM Japan 'Accessible Media Player', developed
> by a blind Japanese IBM researcher. IBM says that they are making it open
> source -- so other media players/browsers like Democracy Player can
> incorporate it into their application.
> Democracy Player's developers say they will endeavour to make their player
> fully accessible (a real first for me in all the years I've been advocating
> accessibility in media players).
> Would anyone else care to comment about their experiences with media
> players/browsers? With your permission I would like to reprint any such
> comments on my blog, "Fullervision'
> I have a long standing anger of inconsiderate high tech companies and poorly
> educated user interface designers. I try not to let it make me mean and
> negative but, after decades of waiting for digital inclusion -- I could see
> myself physically assualting somebody someday!
> Fortunately, I am a Peaceful Warrior andm after writing all of my
> explicitives, I usually edit them out. In any event, your good words and
> advice will be appreciated (help keep me from being arrested at some future
> developer's conference!).
> Thanks for listening (literally)...
> Gordon Fuller
> executive producer,
> Disability Media Institute
> Check out my film "OUTSIDE THE BOX', 7 min. QT video:

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