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Thanks, Brent, and anyone else who should answer my question.


At 12:30 PM 1/13/2006, you wrote:
The program downloads stuff since the last time running when you start it up, you can schedule it as well, but the program needs to stay running. If you leave it a few weeks though you can miss stuff that rolls off feeds as many set a limit to how many podcasts are in the feed file. The best way to delete the files is to use windows explorer on my documents\my received podcasts and go to the folder containing shows that are old and manually deleting them. You can turn off the automatic startup in preferences, and/or put it in the systray when it starts so it still downloads regularly but isn't on the screen.

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I have a number of old podcasts I'd like to delete from my hard drive, not just from the list. Where do I go in Juice to delete the files?

Also, I no longer want Juice starting automatically. When I launch Juice, will it download everything to which I have subscribed since I last launched it?

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