Magic Jack and accessability of the device/service

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Hello List!

A company just sent me a free Magic Jack device; It is a jack that you plug 
into the pc via usb and you can make and receive calls free for a year.  The 
device normally sells for $29.95, but it drops to $19.95 the next years.  You 
get all phone calls in the US and Canada for free; they say you can take the 
device anywhere in the world and your freign relatives can have a local US area 
code; and they can dial your local number via a phone hooked to the device as 
long as they are logged onto the net, meaning they could make free calls to the 
US and Canada from anywhere.  Just like Skype, you can call foreign 
destinations for low cost credits.  

the program is totally accessible from a regular phone that is hooked into the 
device for calling; however, it does not seem to be too accessible from the pc 
screen, as it is pretty graphical.  It has the basic phone stuff, with a few 
contact and voice message features; you can switch from phone to headset, but I 
didn't get it to work yet.  

If other blind people out there uses this device, I'd like to know how to make 
it more accessible and, since other blind people use it, there may be some kind 
of scripts or programs to help it be more accessible.  I'm not sure, but it 
seems to have Yahoo and other features and I think it shouldn't be too 
difficult to make it accessible on the screen like Skype and Messenger.  

the system does not put any files on your system; however, it puts a temporary 
file on your system that is there only as long as your Magic Jack is attached; 
once it is unplugged, the icon is gone.  Supposedly, it works anywhere in the 
world that has high-speed internet service.  I'm traveling to the Philippines 
soon and am anxious to see if it will actually work in one of their computer 
cafes.  Any comments on this would be appreciated.

James Robinson ga;acceiem datollrh66%copy ofn

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