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  • From: "Gary Wood" <k8hlx@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 22:10:15 -0500

Hi LIno!  Well, I called Comcast, because I wanted to hear the program 
yesterday afternoon at 4 p.m., because I missed it Tuesday night!  I called 
Comcast.  I talked to a woman at Support, and she said that it doesn't show 
that we get the channel in our area; but I went to!  I 
found where it did say something about Comcast having it in my area, since I 
gave my zip code.  In the meantime, I called Comcast again, and found someone 
else from Support, and he also said that it showed that the Travel Channel 
wasn't covered in the Lansing area market, so where do I go next, short of 
going with a satellite service?  By the way, I can't use a dish, because I have 
a bunch of trees in the back, where there's southern exposure!  
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  Hi Gary,
  They don't carry the Travel Channel in your cable market?That's strange.
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    Hi all.  Here in Lansing, I can't as yet get the Travel Channel, where the 
program about the APH tour was on this week.  I'm interested in listening to 
it!  Does anyone have a file of this program, or at least the segment about the 

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