Linerec Plug-In and Winamp and talking on air

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:39:39 -0700

Hello List!

Can someone tell me how to do a little broadcasting, specifically talking 
(voice), streaming on the net using winamp and the linerec plug-in.  Now, if 
there is an easier way to talk on air, do let me know what it is and how to get 
it.  I've tried to use Sam Broacdcaster, but it is too difficult to use and 
inaccessible; OTSDJ, I've tried to use this one, but it is also a bit 
complicated without scrips and I can't seem to get my key or license from the 
program's producer so I can't use it anymore; and, I have downloaded the demo 
version of Station Playlist/editor/streamer, but haven't figured out how to use 
it yet.  I think the linerec plug-in is the easiest and cheapest so far.

I heard someone say you use the linerec through winamp and I must set my volume 
control to "what you hear."  Well, I'm using a dell PC of three years ago or 
maybe four; it has a sound card with a wincows cvolume type interface, but I 
can't for the life of me find a "What You Say" control or button.  I use Skype 
and other programs and all tests come out fine and my phone programs work.  
Winamp has some kind of tool bar or program that you can stream with; does this 
work with the linerec plug-in or is it different.  Hopefully, someone can get 
me on the right track.  I know how to connect to my shoutcast server and play 
my music; now I want to know how to talk on air.  So far, I've been shooting 
blanks on this one.  

Hope help is on the way.

James Robinson

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