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    You need to enter your phone number and 4 diget password.  Once there,
you can set up a 6 diget password so that if you log in with your E-mail
address, that's the 6 diget code you'll need.  Next,  in tools, totions in
OE, find the checkbox saying something to do with blocking attachments that
are not safe.  Don't remember where to find the option however.

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  I know a lot of you use the K7 service as a comment line for your
podcasts. I just signed up and I'm having a few problems. First, when I try
and sign into the site, I'm told to type in a six-digit security code. The
only security code I know about is the four-digit one I made when I signed
up. Where do those other two digits come from? Also, I did a test voicemail
so I could see how it worked with my email. I got an emauil with an
attachment to the voicemail, but the attachment itself didn't come up in
Outlook Express. What should I do to get it to work? Hope someone can help!
Thanks, Kerri

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