RE: Juice catagory in the dirrectory is not opening

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Yeah, it appears that this site is in a huge state of disrepair.  Many
people are thinking that due to Podshow buying podcastalley that the Curry
gang is killing it off.  Seems they may be right.  Only time will tell.

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When I open up the  dirrectory in Juice I arrow down till I hear Podcasting Central [downloading 100% closed, recently when
I right arrow to open it up it remains closed.
This is the opening area of finding my disney podcasts. I haven't been able
to open this up for a week.
I'm wondering if this is a problem with the Juice system. If it is also
happening to you, then It looks like the entire catagory is closed.
Is it normal for certain catagories to stop working for a while in Juice?

         John Gassman
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