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Hello Jennifer and Kelly,

Thank you both.

I sampled 8 news clients including Sharp Reader, RSS Reader, Blog Lines,
Feed Demon, News Gator, IE 7 Beta, FireFox Wizz Rss, and more.

I found that I prefer a client based reader.  Since I spend most of my time
in MS Outlook 2003, I finally found one that is free, works in Outlook, and
works just fine with Jaws 7.0.  

The name of the program is Intra V News.

As I said, it is a client.

Thank you both for your suggestions.  I really do appreciate it.


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Well, what about Bloglines?

I personally like the Web interface/application much better than 
anything that looks like Outlook.

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>Thank you, Kelly.
>I really appreciate it.
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>     I personally recommend SharpReader from
>It's interface is similar to Outlook Express, with a treeview for the
>feeds, and a list view for the articles.
>     Thanks.
>Yours Sincerely,
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