JAWS9 and Problems with IE

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Hello Lists!

I'm not sure it has anything to do with how Internet Explorer is working on my 
systems, both Vista and XP, but lately whenever I have installed JAWS 8 and/or 
9 on my XP systems, everything works like a top, with no problems whatsoever; 
however, once I have installed JAWS 8 and 9 on my Vista machines only, I've had 
trouble with Internet Explorer, with the following message, "Internet Explorer 
is shutting down.  If Windows finds a solution to your problem, we'll contact 
you."  Then it gives you an option to close the program.  I thought I had fixed 
the problem by updating my sound system on my new HP Desktop; however, with 
each reinstallation of JAWS, the problem returns.  Now, on my two Toshiba 
notebooks, on the machine with JAWS 9, IE won't load up at all and quickly 
closes.  This does not happen with Window-Eyes at all, which I also have and 

If anyone else has experienced this, do let me know and possibly give me some 
solutions to the problem.  I emailed Freedom Scientific with the question today 
and am awaiting their response by tomorrow.  Again, IE is the only program that 
seems to be impacted by something going on when I instll JAWS 8 or 9, 
especially nine.  You know, I am thinking it may have something to do with one 
of the speech software synthesizers, but I am not sure.  Having IE close 
abruptly that is so annoyingI know they are two different programs (JAWS and 
Window-Eyes), but they certainly put a lot of synthesizers (speech) on your 
system; it seems as each put some of the same ones and we have double Decktalks 
and Eloquences, etc.  

Again take care; hope someone can help me get rid of this Ie shutdown problem.

James robinson

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