It's Story Time At Candle Shore: Listen to Room 1408, by Stephen King

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 01:43:47 -0800

Hello My Fellow Mobile Phone Moguls,


It's story time at Candle Shore.  


If you have not yet used your mobile phone to enjoy audio books, I invite
you to give it a try as I publish an audio reading of "Room 1408", by
Stephen King, as an approximately 1.5 hour Candle Shore Podcast.


After reading this brilliantly written short story, by one of America's most
beloved fiction writers, I promise, you'll never think of a hotel room in
the same way, ever again.  (Smile)  



I posted the story as an unprotected MP3 file so you may read it on
virtually any compatible MP3 device.


If you're new to the accessible mobile phone environment, I strongly
recommend that you take this opportunity to learn how to download,
synchronize, manage and enjoy yet another aspect of your mobile phone or
portable media player.


NOTE To Mobile Speakers:

Mobile Speak provides the ability to set bookmarks anywhere in the audio
file should you wish to suspend your reading session, thus, allowing you to
resume playback from a specific location.


NOTE To iPhone and iPod Touchers:

Assuming that you first subscribe to the show on your computer's copy of
iTunes, in order to resume playback from the location in the file from where
you suspended reading, it may be necessary to change the file type from
Podcast/Music to Audiobook.  This can be done, on your computer, before
syncing, by first choosing Get Info from the file's Shortcut menu; then,
from the resulting multi-tab dialog box, select the Options Tab.  Next,
under Media Kind, select Audiobook.  Finally, save your changes and then
sync your device.  


You May Listen/Subscribe/Download the show via one of the following methods:


Main Site:





RSS Podcast Feed (for web browsers or podcast clients)





in iTunes:

Either search for "The Mark Taylor Candle Shore Podcast" in the iTunes Store

Click Here to Subscribe to the Mark Taylor Candle Shore Podcast, directly.


Have a terrific weekend and May The boogie-man Be With You. (And I'm not
talking about dancing) (Smile)




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others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.  (Lao Tzu)


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