Re: Iriver ums firmware

  • From: "Donald L. Roberts" <donald_roberts_99@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:10:07 -0700

Chris, I first installed the Iriver software.  In fact, I used it a 
few times and found it could be done although it is a pain because one 
has to use the Window Eyes mouse keys quite a bit.  I transferred a 
few mp3s using this software into the player.

Next, I made certain that the player was turned on and the U S B cable 
connected at both ends.  I then got the confirmatory gong  indicating 
that windows xp saw the 799.  I then clicked on the ums file which is 
a zip file which opened using Winzip revealing only one file in the 
archive which is a .hex file.  When I attempted to click on that, the 
only thing which happened was that it opened in Notepad.

So, just where is my problem, and, what shall I do to solve that 


Don Roberts

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Hi Don

Have you atempted to update the firmware by using the software on the 
that *hopefully* came with your iRiver?  If not, please install the
software, update the UMS firmware and then you can uninstall the
software.  You won't need it after that.  It does sound like you have 
proper firmware version though.

At 11:18 AM 10/17/2005, you wrote:
>Perhaps the problem I am about to outline is the same problem being
>faced by Frank Lizard.
>I suspect that I do not have the correct file to upgrade the ums
>firmware.  The file name for the file I have is:
>The archive contains only one file which is a hex file, and notepad
>wants to open it.  So what I am saying is that there is no way this
>file will update my firmware if notepad opens it.  So where do I find
>the correct ums file for my 799?
>Don Roberts

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