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If the Iriver is so picky with bitrates of .ogg files from waht I'm 
gathering, is it and other similar players just as picky with bitrates and 
sampling rates of mp3 files? I listen to a lot of old-time radio which is 
usually encoded at low bitrates and sampling rates. I only have experience 
with DVD players and mp3 CD players and some models like panasonic models 
can read anything without a glitch, an RCA boom box I have will read most 
but the very low bitrates where they'll play but be full of odd little 
glitches, and some Coby DVD players and a Koss portable mp3 CD player that 
couldn't handle much below 32 KB and 22.050 Hz sampling rate.


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I posted a problem with this issue to a few weeks ago.
I had that issue with not being able to play ogg files.
still am not able to do it at this time. Not sure what causes it.

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Howdy, Byron.  I am definitely able to monitor the audio while using
external microphones, but not the internal one.  The rest of your issues are
right on, as far as my unit goes.  I tried to play an ogg file the other
day, and ... No go!!!  Also, the 96 KBPS issue is a well-known one!  Sorry
to tell you that your friend's problems are all true, except for monitoring
the audio!  I wish I had better news for you!

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