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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 18:26:27 -0700

Hi Byron,

I am running the 899 with the UMS firmware. The 96 Kbps limitation is definitely true, but I am able to monitor while recording as well as set the recording levels for the external mic. The Ogg issues are strange. I can play some Oggs while others are nonstarters. I am not yet at all sure what makes the difference.

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I was talking to my friend Blair who bought an Iriver and he had some issues with some stuff that the UMS Driver does to the unit. Apparently you loose the ability to listen to ogg files when you install it. You are also limited to 96k bit rate when you record with the UMS firmware, whereas the native program allows you to record up to 320k. Are all of these issues true or are they fixable? You also can't monitor the audio you record when you listen with your headphones and you can not adjust the level of the audio when you are recording with the microphone. These problems where there before he put on the UMS Driver.

Please Help,

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