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Hi Shane,

Ok thanks.  What do you mean about audio being lower?  Lower in quality?
Lower in volume?  And the file for the firmware?  Isn't it different than
the 799?


All the best!
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Hey again, Deb.  Unfortunately, changing the bit rate and sampling are the
same as on the 799.  I always got sighted help with that.  I guess it could
be done if you memorize the settings and where they are in the menus, but if
you come back about two months later, you've certainly forgotten what your
settings are.  A good way to tell what they are is to record a short file,
put it on your PC, play it in Winamp or just look at it on your desktop.
That way, it'll tell you the bit rate and all.  As for the buttons, I'm sure
they're any different, just placed a little funny, again compared to the
799.  Also, you might notice that the audio is slightly lower on the 899.
Good luck!

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