[Blind Casting] Re: Ipodder Problem Solved: now To Hear My First Feed

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Yeah, that happened to me and my zone alarm fire wall, but I told my sun to hit the allow button and all was fine!
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I don't know how many shows Johnathan keeps around for his podcast but
for testing purposes and all that, I would stick to smaller files til
you get things all worked out.  From my little experience with Ipodder,
I think you would go into your "my received podcasts" folder and play
the files manually with whatever player is hooked to your MP3 extension.
I dunno if Ipodder can launch players from inside the program or not.
What I remember, you need to configure Ipodder to not launch anything
otherwise, you have to choose between winamp or windows media player

About your firewall situation, I personally find software firewalls to
be more trouble than they are worth.  If you use a router, that is
generally plenty protection for most people.  A software firewall could
be used to track and control outbound traffic from your specific
computer but otherwise you're destined to have problems like you ad
before.  It probably blocked Ipodder's attempts to go out and while
Ipodder is hung trying, speech was probably lost.  I see that happen a
lot with windows systems when an application is hung up like this.

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 03:35:35PM -0700, Pam Drake wrote:
Well, I was thinking about the way Ipodder had messed up my Window-Eyes and
JAWS. Someone had asked me on this list whether my firewall was allowing
Ipodder in. I was dubious because I couldn't see the relationship between
the firewall and the behavior of the screen readers. My firewall is the
firewall from inside Trend-micro Internet Suite 2005.

I had un-installed the Ipodder software and everything had gone back to

Yesterday I decided to try again, this time with the firewall off. This
meant that I had to unplug a cable to get out of Dave's network.

This time Ipodder installed just fine.

I just tried to listen to a podcast I thought was downloaded: namely, the
welcome message.  Nothing happened.  I read the docs but guess i didn't
understand it all.  Well, that's typical of me and manuals.

So here come the questions:

If I hear what appears to be a percentage of downloaded data, then the file
doesn't play, am I doing something wrong? Do I have to open the url
directly from Explorer or does ipodder launch it?

How many podcasts are there in the Mosen Explosion list? I see what appear
to be two.

These answers should get me started.  Either that or I haven't downloaded
anything at all.  If that's the case, what's my next step?

Thanks in advance.


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