[Blind Casting] Introducing DC Night Out - A Reality Podcast

  • From: "Mika Pyyhkala" <pyyhkala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:47:16 -0400

I am pleased to report that the DC Night Out blog and podcast has
resurfaced, or rather has been updated more regularly :).
On the DC Night Out podcast, we make a recording usually from a restaurant
at happy hour.  Topics discussed often include technology, accessibility,
podcasting, current events, the travel industry, popular culture, and what
is new with each person often including links to interesting products or
We have about 5 or so people that regularly participate in the happy hours
(typically on Tuesdays in Washington, DC) but a number of others join in
Besides happy hours the site has also published audio  coverage of our local
beep baseball team practicing in Boston, and of a Save RSA Ralley in
Washington.  On the random side, I have interviewed the owner of my local
bagel shop as well on one podcast this summer.
In the most recent podcast, Jamal Mazrui offers a detailed overview of some
of the public domain programs he has recently released including WinDig, PDF
To Text, and the Jaws Script Exchange.
So the topics are quite random and varied, but the above gives you a good
flavor for what you'll find.
You can access the blog and podcast at:
or subscribe using the following XML link in your podcatcher:
(you can also click the above XML link in your browser to learn more about
how to subscribe to feeds)
We often do podcasts from happy hours in Boston, New York, and Washington,
as well as other locations.  So if you find yourself in one of the cities
where we meet you would be welcome to join us.  And the tradition is that
you get a free drink your first time :).  The best place to learn about
upcoming events is at the blog or by calling the comment line at:
(206) 202-3555
I am llooking to expand in to doing more sound seing tours (may purchase the
bi neural microphones), and am thinking of a couple of Haloween oriented
things for that in the near future.  Also we might do sound seing for a day
type shows for some of the people that come to the happy hour.
So in conclusion DC Night Out is a reality podcast, and also contains some
information and links that you may find informative or interesting.  It is
unique that you can listen to the podcast, as well as join us to be part of
the discussions in person.  Also again most of our podcasts are done
somewhere in the field.

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