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Hi Peter. Well, of course, ACB Radio streams the ACB conventions every year, and they have streamed some of the state affiliate conventions, like the California Council, andI think I heard the World Blind Union convention on there. I don't know if I know anything else about that at present, but hope this helps.
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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was contacted by an officer of one of the NFB's divisions
concerning web casting their meetings to occur later this year. They want to
stream the proceedings live to the Internet to permit them to be heard by
visitors to the division's web site. I believe there are a few members from
the NFB of Michigan on some of these lists who may be able to assist us in
this endeavor and would request that they contact me privately to discuss
this further. As I recall this affiliate streamed it's most recent state
convention over the Internet last fall, and would like to discuss the ins
and outs of how they did this, what is needed, what costs are involved, and
tips and tricks to make it a success. So no one feels left out I would like
this information from anyone who has done live web casts in the past so we
can learn how to conduct a successful web cast of these proceedings. Any
help I can get from anyone concerning this venture will be very much
appreciated. My e-mail address is:

   Thanks in advance.

Peter Donahue

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