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Sure, the URL is
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Can you post the bloggy bits podcast URL addy here?

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> Hi all, a number of factors have caused a change to the way that audio
> content is made available on the Mosen Explosion site. The net
> affect of
> these changes is that you'll get more unique audio content,
> but you should
> read this carefully to make sure you are accessing the content
> that
> interests you most.
> In the last few months, we've offered an increasing number of 
> pre-recorded discussion features on our Friday night show. Initially, 
> we put these up on
> the web site, and included them in the Friday night show which
> was streamed
> live as well as podcast. Then, we added a second podcast feed
> containing
> just those pre-recorded segments as well as other audio
> material between
> shows from the blog. As this content is increasing, we feel it
> is preventing
> us from taking as many calls to the Friday night show as we
> would like, and
> playing as much music as we'd like. We'd like the Friday night
> show to be
> very interactive, and mostly fun. For that reason, we will be
> publishing our
> regular contributors such as Jeff Bishop, Debbie Hazelton, Jim
> Halliday and
> some new people, to our blog and bloggy bits podcast, but not
> including them
> on the Friday night show. This means that there will now be
> almost no
> overlap in content between the two podcast feeds, and you will
> have even
> more content from the site.
> So, if you're subscribed to our Friday night show podcast feed, but 
> not the Bloggy bits podcast feed, you might consider subscribing to
> this one too.
> Now that we've made more room for your phone calls and e-mails, we 
> look forward to hearing from you on the Friday night show.
> Jonathan Mosen
> Blog, podcast and radio show:
> Ph: +1-925-566-9265.
> Mobile/SMS +1-806-252-6671

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