Re: If Every Day were Christmas part 2

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When I play the song on my radio show and podcast, I'll send an e-mail to both you jerry and to music@xxxxxxxxxxx, which I believe C.c. Chapman will see, so that everybody will know that yes, the track was played. I do want to follow the rules, but I also agree that PMN needs work before it's accessible, and to ask that blind podcasters already be registered with PMN seems contradictory to me. Jeff is making this song available to those of us who couldn't get around PMN's visual verification and I'm thankful that I could obtain this beautiful track and play it for everybody.

At 11:00 PM 12/4/2005, you wrote:
Hi Jerry and all,

Unfortunately, at least for me, I just can't completely leave accessibility issues"aside" as they are just too important to our ability to participate in the technology world. Unless and until PMN becomes accessible to us from both a registration and a usability perspective, I must take very strong exception to the requirement that blindcasters be registered on PMN in order to be allowed to download and play Podsafe for Piece on their podcasts. If you're concerned about the sales aspect, then lets consider placing a donation link on the page where the blindcasters are providing their name and e-mail address and be done with it.

I downloaded this song from Jeff's site this morning. It will most certainly be played on an upcoming Blind Access Journal podcast. I will then report this via an e-mail to music@xxxxxxxxxxxx At no time will I interact with PMN in its current inaccessible form. I do happen to be registered as a podcaster with PMN. C.C. assisted me a couple of days after I requested the account. Nevertheless, critical elements of PMN remain inaccessible to the point where it really is not possible for me to add tracks to my playlist for download.

Finally, it is absolutely critical that we all look out for our blind brothers and sisters. As the de facto leader of this project, Jerry, and as a fellow blind person, I would expect you to be understanding of the situation and, thus, to avoid placing unreasonable restrictions (such as a requirement that we be registered on PMN) on us that serve to lock us out of participation. Jeff expended considerable effort to do the right thing, making the track accessible to us blindcasters while properly reporting the information back to Podshow and asking blindcasters to report back their playing of the song. The needs of PMN were reasonably accomodated, so to speak. Isn't that enough?

Let this be my public request to you, Jerry, that you step up to the plate, work with Podshow and publicly ask Jeff to remove that checkbox requiring PMN registration so we can all participate as intended.

All the best,


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Accessibility issue aside, this file was made available to blind podcasters based on the agreement between podcasters and the Podsafe Music Network. In other words, the terms of the producers' agreement apply. Now, I understand that one of the requirements is that podcasters notify the artist when the song is played and that may not be accessible either. I don't know because I'm not registered as a podcaster. However, if the tune is played by a blind podcaster, it should be noted by sending a message to slau@xxxxxxxx

Just wanted to clarify that.

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Hey Jeff,

As visual verification is a requirement in order to register for PMN, I
strongly feel that, at this time, with the current state of PMN
inaccessibility, blindcasters wishing to download this music should not be
required to be registered.

Oh, well, since I see no authentication with PMN, I guess this should not be
a problem.  :-)

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Hello Everyone,

If you are wanting the song mentioned before, make sure you are a
member of the Podsafe Music Network before retrieving the file.  This is
meant for blind podcasters only.  Many of you that do a podcast also do
radio broadcasting as well but as long as you are registered on PodSafe
Music Network, then no problem.


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