Re: If Every Day were Christmas part 2

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 14:14:02 -0500

Hey Gary,

Thanks. Getting all those folks together was not an easy task. I uploaded files such as lyric sheet, example mp3 and instrumental track to the Podsafe Music Network. Artists then followed instructions that I provided on the site, recorded their parts and uploaded them to either their websites or I then downloaded everyone's performance, imported it into a Pro Tools session, edited and mixed the whole thing. That's it in a real nutshell. Gee, it sounds so straight-forward and simple. Just to give you an idea, my work alone, involved about 28 straight 12 to 16-hour days.

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Hi Jerry! That was a great interview on Marlaina! How did you get all those singers and entertainers together from all over the world for your song!
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Accessibility issue aside, this file was made available to blind podcasters based on the agreement between podcasters and the Podsafe Music Network. In other words, the terms of the producers' agreement apply. Now, I understand that one of the requirements is that podcasters notify the artist when the song is played and that may not be accessible either. I don't know because I'm not registered as a podcaster. However, if the tune is played by a blind podcaster, it should be noted by sending a message to slau@xxxxxxxx

Just wanted to clarify that.

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Hey Jeff,

As visual verification is a requirement in order to register for PMN, I
strongly feel that, at this time, with the current state of PMN
inaccessibility, blindcasters wishing to download this music should not be
required to be registered.

Oh, well, since I see no authentication with PMN, I guess this should not be
a problem. :-)

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Subject: If Every Day were Christmas part 2

Hello Everyone,

If you are wanting the song mentioned before, make sure you are a
member of the Podsafe Music Network before retrieving the file. This is
meant for blind podcasters only. Many of you that do a podcast also do
radio broadcasting as well but as long as you are registered on PodSafe
Music Network, then no problem.


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